Century 06 C/S

Technical Parameters
Handling power 50W~150W
Frequency response 40Hz~30KHz
Sensitivity 87dB
Woofer 1x6.5" Scanspeak
Midrange 1x6.5" Scanspeak
Tweeter 1x1"Scanspeak
Size(WxDxH) 836x374x246mm
Net Weight (each) 35.4Kg
Terminal Bi-wiring

Leisure S series, casting metal fashion attack Denmark Chuan audio authority - the crown of the classic design, the excellent performance of the same strain. Integration of minimalism and the concept of a purely aesthetic level, to create the perfect sound quality metal speaker myth. Leisure S series, will serve as a leading pioneer of the future of metal fashion to simple interpretation of the essence of post-modern home culture. To subvert the tradition of casting metal fashion.