The glorious history and the current road of AVANCE AUDIO, a shining story in front of us and still a longer and wider distance we stick to continue along, and we AVANCE people will never cease to regret.  And this our most commitment for being a brand as long as one-century's. 

Based on one after another the monuments symbolized with remarkable evaluations and certifications and contributions in field of audio industry, AVANCE has created plenty of significant classics such as the first pair of the Concrete Speaker in year 1973 which was named as the "the product of holiness" by the HIFI audiophiles, and afterwards there came series Alpha, Magnum and Century and etc.  With an unchanged idea of her most fundamental branding concept of "to re-produce the origin of sound effect", AVANCE has grown up as an enterprise with a strong mind of rapid and healthy development.

What is the genuine of acoustics?  To AVANCE AUDIO, there is just one simple but perfect answer – the essence of acoustics is to re-produce the origin of sound, however, all AVANCE invested into is more than one satisfied wording, but what we input is several decades' heartful contribution and pursuance, and this is still continuing throughout each single piece of the AVANCE products, from the top to toe.  

Therefore, you may find out and understood clearly why AVANCE a name so deeply planted inside each of her global brand lovers, and why AVANCE creating for you excellent audio products and undoubtedly, AVANCE being the preferred selection by her international audiophiles.  

AVANCE – To re-produce the origin of acoustics

Leading Vogue: AVANCE emphasizes into each procedure for how to represent to music lovers and end users an experience from Northern European Denmark where a very reflection for art one can easily find.

Technical Creation: AVANCE R&D expertise based on Danish audio art and this gives birth to a highly appreciated creation upon product design and production, so as to achieve the most veracious requirement regarding the acoustic re-production. 

Undoubted Preciseness: AVANCE sets up her most concept for achieving perfection, and we clearly understand and have been always engaged into the procedures including R&D, production and marketing and customer-services, and the more we occupy ourselves into, the more confidence we gain with. 

Passionate Service: AVANCE builds her own customer service idea, namely a heartful customer service, a service constructed on a mind of well-consideration and sincere-passion, thus the soul of what we call it the AVANCE customer service. 

Excellent Products: AVANCE maintains an unchanged mind for to re-produce the origin of acoustic and this is also a well recognized by each of her end users globally.  We believe you may find a satisfactory package ranging from our recommended HIFI category, to Home Theater systems and also our cute Mini HIFI lines.

Honorable Axiology: AVANCE are always welcoming each of our friends and visitors with an open mind and positive attitude for each single piece of suggestions and comments and we evaluate them as the power for us to march ahead for the next appreciation and recognition from the public.