The history of AVANCE Loudspeakers takes its beginning with the son of a radio designer and electronics retailer, Mr. Poul Rossing, who is today considered as one of the true founders and pioneers of Denmark's hi-fi industry.

As a young drummer and jazz club partner Poul Rossing was heavily concerned with live music and sound reproduction quality when he first took over and expanded his fathers company Rossing Radio as a traditional hi-fi retail business with several outlets,.

Striving for the highest sound reproduction quality and aiming to maintain the high ethics demanded by his father, Poul founded Rossing Electronics A/S and extended business with exclusive import of such prestigious high end brands as Audio Research, Luxman, Fidelity Research, Audio Pro, Alpine, Cabasse and B&W.

Exploring great success in 70's last century Poul Rossing's import company rapidly became dominant on the Danish hi-fi market because of Poul's combined skills of understanding music, acoustics, electronics and business.

In 1973 Poul Rossing realized the obvious lack of natural sounding high quality loudspeakers that were both affordable and easy to live with. He then established AVANCE Loudspeakers as a development and manufacturing division of Rossing Electronics A/S and soon after brought out the first original AVANCE speakers featuring true "high end" drive units from Dynaudio, top quality crossover components and rigid and dense wooden enclosures with "real-wood-look-alike" vinyl veneers.

Poul Rossing's new found philosophy of making luxury speakers affordable for a larger audience immediately became a hit and two years later AVANCE experienced a truly great sales success developing and manufacturing the worlds first asymmetrical AVANCE CONCRETE high end speakers with virtually non-resonant enclosures made of a mixture of cast fibre concrete and glass fibres.

Poul Rossing invested a lot of time and money in measuring and improving the self damping coefficients of concrete by blending concrete with plastic foams etc. At the same time the company became more involved with customising special drive units for the new loudspeakers, whose cabinet-sound coloration showed up to be incredibly low.

Until then most quality wooden loudspeakers had huge amounts of resonant sound coloration – and at the same time were always stereotypically big, rectangularly shaped and either brown or black. Poul Rossing wanted something different to expose the great Danish tradition of design and came up with beautifully pentagonal or pyramidal shaped speakers in white. The sound of the first prototypes was very dynamic and resolution was high, so AVANCE CONCRETE had fine reviews from all over Europe even though the speakers at that time were not sold in big numbers.

Manufacturing cast fibre concrete enclosures in white piano lacquer finish is really time consuming so AVANCE speakers became more expensive. But because the cabinets were incredibly inert and heavy AVANCE CONCRETE loudspeakers provided total lack of conventional cabinet coloration. Particularly in the bass and midrange Poul Rossing’s speakers sounded so much cleaner and reproduced all kinds of music with greater inter-transient silence and more dynamic impact than any other wooden loudspeaker of that time. Therefore AVANCE loudspeakers soon became prestigious and well known in high end society as far away as China, Italy and United States.

With increasing success AVANCE’s concrete became worthy of many imitations especially from countries such as Sweden, Germany and USA. But sales still went up and the cabinet workshop had to work overtime to make up for the way-to-long production time and space limits at the old factory. At the same time Poul Rossing and his team slowly realized that manufacturing concrete loudspeakers in large quantities is simply not profitable.

Poul Rossing insisted to develop elegant, slender wooden loudspeakers with the same high acoustical qualities – high sensitivity, great dynamic impact and very high resolution. AVANCE had invested heavily in modal analysis of cabinets resonance and had obtained great knowledge in predicting resonant behavior of wooden cabinets that are so much easier to produce. So in 80’s last century, AVANCE accelerated production of heavily braced wooden cabinet loudspeakers with thick front baffles – still using the best drive units and crossover components obtainable. And introducing the Alpha, Sigma and Dana line-up (all using custom made top quality drive units from the Danish high end brand Scan-Speak) AVANCE had great commercial success. Poul Rossing was finally able to distribute really attractively priced super high quality loudspeakers world-wide and therefor eventually chose to fade out concrete speaker production.

In 90's, AVANCE became an independent development and production brand under the name of AVANCE INTERNATIONAL A/S. Featuring four different loudspeaker line-up series the brand established efficient exports to China and Hong Kong, and in 1997 established it's own subsidiary and distribution in the United States.

Poul Rossing states that: "We started AVANCE with a simple idea to make the highest quality speakers at the best price possible so more people can enjoy them around the world – and we want to continue this philosophy" – you know that it is actually true...

Developing attractively priced high quality loudspeakers is not an easy task and cannot be simplified and expressed with one particular design philosophy. At AVANCE in Holbaek, Denmark Poul Rossing combines all aspects of physics and mathematics with computer aided design and measurements and intense listening tests. They even implement design input from at team of highly trained, independent audio reviewers.

Still today all AVANCE loudspeakers feature heavy and rigid enclosures and top quality drive units that always bring AVANCE among the best in tests. The cabinets are manufactured from high density fibreboard and are all extendedly braced and assembled using non-hardening glues. Inside you'll find high quality crossovers of first, second, third and fourth-order networks dependent on the drive units used and the particular needs for target sensitivity, sound dispersion and frequency response.

Gold plated connection terminals, heavy gauge copper air-core inductors and low loss capacitors, solid strontium ferrite magnets, massive motor systems optimised with Finite Element Analysis and patented anti saturation aluminium and copper rings, rigid and lightweight cone and dome diaphrames made of organic fibre materials and custom designed cone suspension surrounds are just a few among hundreds of details that make AVANCE speakers special.

Many great products carry the famous AVANCE crown-logo. But AVANCE still has only one goal: "To give listeners such outstanding quality and value that they will enjoy the closest thing to live-performance sound for years to come." We, therefore consider ourselves to be in the business of recreating the experience and not reproducing the signal "