Home Theater Overview

The so-called home theater system is to set you a well-constructed effect as in the real theater can provide by means of the 5.1ch or 6.1ch or 7.1ch multi sound tracks achieved.  Image and sound are two synchronous parts that the theater means to re-produce.  Either one of these two parts being re-produced is by no means incorrect and un-perfect.  A well equipped home theatre system is imperceptibly different from high fidelity fever system and the former can manage to lead you fully into one fantastic world through what the sounding device you are experiencing.  It is a common sense that a complete set of well-matched speakers in home theater system really work, this is usually obtained by 6.1ch or 7.1ch including main left and right speakers, central speaker, surround left and right speakers and central rear speaker and one subwoofer speaker, so as to pass more precisely the dynamic range of the whole sound field, and then, for to better more a stricter movie sound track reproduction.

Key points for home theater environment 

The playing system is usually operated by the following four groups in one standard private AV home theater system, they are relatively the Video (projector, LCD TV, plasma TV and etc.), Audio system (DVD player or blue-ray player), AV power receiver, Speaker system.  Not any single group of the above mentioned items can be skipped.  It is indeed a necessity for one to get a further understanding to these four groups of items if you are one AV consumer, and this really helps.

Video (projector, LCD TV, plasma TV and etc.) 

A vivid movie scene ask for a high demand for good quality video equipment such as the projection system, LCD TV and plasma TV and etc.  It is recommended that you should make a smart purchase on this group. 

Audio system (DVD player or Blue-ray player)

Nowadays, the widespread DVD player and the most update blue-ray player gather up to group as the basic matchup for home theater system in the 21st century’s.  

AV power receiver

As a general understanding, AV power receiver is a name for an extensive concept to multi-channel power amplifiers.  And one multi-channel power amplifier among the so-called modern home theater system must be able to get access with multi-channel tracks input or decoding output and, at least it is workable in condition of being capable to go with the most current popular Dolby AV-3 amplifier and DTS output.  All in all, even most of the mid-lower priced AV amplifiers are built with AC-3 decoder and DTS decoder,  mid-higher ones can work up with HDMI video synchronized with blue-ray player for 7.1ch and up to 9.1ch AV power receiver, of course, there is still to come the much more higher level - THX2 certified home standard amplifier system and etc.

Speaker system

And the most important group in this digital home theater playing system, we call it speaker system.  Such can be considered as the most group among the playing system which costs you a lot in your whole investment proportion, as you should know that, the speaker system runs as quite an important group in the whole home theater system, just like a bridge to hold and connect each end.  Right now, the most basic and popular home theater system can be constructed by one pair of the front main speakers, one pair of the rear speakers, one piece of the center speaker and one piece of the subwoofer speaker, and thus we call it as 5.1ch sound track.  And it also a good idea if you plan a 7.1ch system be affordable.

AVANCE AUDIO believes that, a well equipped home theater playing system must be capable for to re-produce the origins in movie such as the touching human sensations and the convulsing dynamic effect as well as the most imperceptibility of surround sound and the most details of the music difference.  That being said, a favorable home theater system must be able to pass each single note precisely like that the high fidelity works.  This is exactly what we AVANCE people never stop to devote ourselves into – to manufacture luxury home theater speakers with a concept for HIFI design and an attitude filled with circumspection and preciseness and, these gather together as the most basis of the original and key design policy for AVANCE products.