Main points for speaker system
1.Do not use wet cloth for wiping on speaker.
2.Those mordant cleansers are not suitable for long-term use when wiping on product.
3.Do not put any heavy article onto the speaker.
4.Do not place the speaker in a long-time direct irradiation in sunshine.
5.Speaker cabinet can not be close to or collided with hard or sharp object.
6.Speaker must be placed on smooth ground.
7.Do not use your finger to touch with hard object.

Main points for power amplifier or receiver
1.Do not put liquid onto amplifier or receiver to avoid being affected with damp.
2.Do not put any other electric appliance onto amplifier or receiver, so as to keep a well heat-radiation.
3.Do not stay the amplifier or receive in nonuse, so as to avoid an interior damp.
4.Switch off the power while amplifier or receiver not in use
5.Do not use while during thunder storm days.
6.Cut the power socket while the amplifier or receive in a long-time nonuse condition.

Remarks: Please refer more other items in details regarding maintenance from User’s Manual of AVANCE products.