MiNi Overview

Sometimes we need to change to another point of view for daily cases or deeds or people against our common senses, that you might have a surprising new look, you don’t believe?  Well, please follow our idea of the MINI concept …

While the normal floor-standing speakers controlling your mind, meanwhile here in AVANCE products category, you can also find out that the MINI packages also quite of charm and by no means, they never disappoint you and never make your input on them unworthy. 

A much more smaller measurement, still a fine and pure sound quality, an attractive design while relatively a much more convenient operation, plus reachable for an easy connection with private computer for the popular MP3 download and, a 2-way tri-wiring crossover system applied to use, all these appear to be more a new highlight and fashionable selection for quite lot of end users and music lovers. 

AVANCE has never forgotten, that even a MINI set of audio system, the origin of fine music still matters.  That is why we here also emphasize to introduce to you the AVANCE cute vogue of MINI HIFI.  Yes, why not AVANCE if the quality of sound and design both an advantage while you are comparing to choose from quite a many brands?