Original Sound

How is your recognition towards the so-called “perfect sound re-production” or “perfect sound performance”? None even a mere unpleasant sound produced? As pure sound effect as it can bring out? Or ---- yes, correct, that is the Original Sound Performance! And this is exactly a never-be-changed pursuit of AVANCE from the very moment when she was built up in year of 1973.

An original sound performance is the essence of music. AVANCE believes in this theory which we AVANCE people all devoted into. Whatever a nice perfection, whatever a natural production, and this is what a true sound performance re-produced by the audio devices.

Every single effective sound data comes from the exact sample from locale and that is why AVANCE more a superior sound system created than quite many of other audio brands. As a special technology applied to use at every live scene, so that the AVANCE engineers can manage to collect effective sound fields from those worldwide famous locales for relative measurement and program, and then these effective datum are used for research and development and production details ---- that is why you can now enjoy yourself at home into the original and exquisite natural sound performance re-produced from each locale.

AVANCE audio, being a brand with profound study, research and development, production into original sound performance of more than 35 years and, with a clinging concept for original sound perfection based on an experienced and powerful R&D support, we believe and we never end to convert all these into one genuine goal: to make luxury speakers affordable for a larger audience!