Technical Specifications
Loudspeaker Type Loudspeaker Type
Material & Finish Aluminum Alloy
Cross-over Single-wiring, 2 way
Tweeter 1x1"
Mid/woofer 4x3.5"
Handling power 10W-80W
Frequency response 130Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Size(WxDxH) Ø236x1225mm
Net Weight 6kg/pc
In the home, surrounded by S235 C/S
Subwoofer SUB103
Amplifier ASR101
Stents, Cabinets AV231 stent

Chuan-S235 is the passage of the crown of Denmark classic electro-acoustic authority, adhering to the "nature of sound is to restore the true voice" of the design philosophy, combined with the theme of light and slim fashion. A high degree of integration of the box, butterfly art ultra-thin shape, clear details of simple elegant lines, combined with fashion colors with classic, romantic Nordic style fashion show happy. Reflect the true spirit of modern family distinguished. S235 Key words: ultra-thin design Butterfly Matte Box Metal Box fever Yaguang class array type speaker unit cell array layout style vocal group sound source two and one-half of micro-differential-frequency technology

Black grill shows strong entirety with easy, smooth and sharp figure /Dull polish metal treatment /Inserted silver AVANCE logo /12mm depth glass pedestal / Natural silkworm dome high frequency /Expensive aluminium cabinet/Horn tweeter