Announcement on "Internet Sales in China" by AVANCE AUDIO

Since 1973, AVANCE has been developed to an international Hi-end audio brand with high fame and name. After 35 years of efforts, we have set up many AVANCE end franchised shops which offer direct and close sales and service to all audiophiles around the world. But recently in China market, we find some commercial internet networks to sell unauthorized or even counterfeit AVANCE products with low price as temptation, which badly damage end-users' benefit and rights. We, hereby, make the following serious announcement.

1. We have never authorized any dealers or persons to sell AVANCE products via internet in China. For those products, we will not guarantee their authenticity and quality and will not take any responsibility for any loss caused consequently.

2. For all AVANCE products, we have special anti-counterfeit codes. Only those sold through our authorized shops will get our protection and guarantee on quality and service. Otherwise, we have no any ensurence and repsonsibility.

3. For the internet network or persons who sell AVANCE products or counterfeit AVANCE products through internet in China, we will keep the rights to take legal action.

4. Please go to our authorized shops to buy AVANCE products as to get our professional instruction and service guarantee and at the same time to ensure your own legal rights and benefits. Please call our China branch 86 20 34818500 if you need more information about nearest AVANCE shops location.