Super Century

Technical Parameters
Handling power 50 -200W
Frequency response 25Hz-40KHz
Sensitivity 90dB

2x5.25" Scan Speak 

Woofer 2x10" Scan Speak
Tweeter 1X1" Scan Speak
Size(WxDxH) 555x795X1492mm
Net weight (per pc) 235kg

Isn't it a kind of life style? A picture that shows you are driving your own life freely on a horse back and enjoying the landscapes leisurely with delight and ease. Isn't this a sort of view for life? An apperception that tells your deep concept of hearted contribution for a matchless future as well as your cheerful story over one century's pride and respect.

500kg, that is how much Century weighs. Using the famous Scan-Speak Revelator top driver units, with its SD-2 motor system, and sliced paper cone, non resonant  aluminum chamber, multiple-chamber low compression design, machined aluminum faceplate and phase plug as well as the ltalian craftwork rosewood amber piano paint finish, 24k golden plated Logo and top WBT connecting terminals, all these are meant to be realized for the most refined art in audio performance.

The Century are more than just a pair of loudspeakers, they stand for a kind of life style and an apperception. An uncommon brand new life is now starting exactly through the widespread tones performed naturally from the Sound of century, AVANCE Super Century.