Super Magnum LE

Technical Parameters
Match the power 50 -150W
Frequency response 30Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity 87dB
Mid-range 1x8" Scanspeak 
Woofer 1x8" Scanspeak 
Tweeter 1x1" Scan Speak
Size(WxDxH) 245x526X1120mm
Net Weight (each) 41kg
Terminal Bi-Wiring

 An elegant floor standing model based on the result of the research put into developing Super Magnum LE. Heavily braced cabinet prevents the coloration of sound and provides a deep clean bass reproduction.

 Featuring Scan Sprsk Revelator Dome Tweeter ( normally reserved for vastly more expensive loudspeakers ) and two 8" woofers featuring a Kelvar cone that hsa been customized with a coat of proprietary damping material are so much an attraction.