AVANCE Concrete Speaker – AVANCE led as the foremost manufacturer who produced the first Concrete speaker and it aroused a tremendous active stir and meanwhile it was highly appreciated as the Speaker of Deity by the local Japan audiophiles.

Independent Cabinets Design – This gets rid of the stained sound, so as to decrease the distortion by the resonance risen from the low frequency upon the mid-high one.

Maze-like Cabinet – A maze-like design on cabinet is applied to use for to realize as powerful dynamic while in small speaker cabinet, so as to maximize the forceful low frequency by the small sized woofer unit.

Independent Dual-sounding Construction – As a common sense, chaotic sound, unclear levels and the distorted unpleasant sound are the most problems created by the traditional wall-mounted speaker, such kind of speaker uses only one same cabinet for few driver units with different frequencies, and thus the very key point for the unwelcome sound effect. AVANCE speaker can re-produce each details of the music in format of high fidelity and that maintains a clear and pure original sound.

Integrated U-shape Cabinets – A perfect integration between line and arc onto a traditional speaker cabinet, plus also an arc design onto the top, so as to shape for the whole speaker cabinet a creative concept, being that naturally in details and fluency.

Pedestal for Gradual Shock Absorption – A real Zero-resonance obtained by means of such special designed pedestal, sometimes, a mere but detailed innovation can rewrite the result.

Crossover with Special Filter System – A precise calculation and design helps to achieve a reasonable and reasonable frequency segmentation for each driver unit, so that to link smoothly and finely each single frequency point for to lead to a well-managed operation. An electromagnetism-proof design against between not only the components but also between the crossover circuit will finally help to re-produce the origin of the sound effect.

Tweeter Unit with Built-in Semi-sphere Silk Diaphragm – A special coat upon the diaphragm can improve with more the softness upon high frequency. This technical advantage solves effectively the phase shift while the high frequency is in work. Besides, this will enlarge relatively the high frequency range, so as to avoid possibly the stridence might be produced because of too strong of the high frequency.

Jet-type Clarion Port Tube Technology – A theory of push-type jet is applied to use for an accomplishment upon the quantum and strength of low frequency.

Pipe-type Aftersound High Frequency – With the advantage of it suitable lightness and high sensibility as well as a heat-resistant quality plus a sufficient upper limit, the aftersound high frequency can reach up to 16K or even 25K, so as to bring more that details for listener. As you know, in this 15-centimeter-long cabinet, a design as one independent cone-shaped cabinet can then upgrade to the high frequency a transparent and bright timbre quality.